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Contact Information

We are available to answer your questions regarding opening and closing accounts, billing, payment, meter reading, leaks and other water and sewer related issues.

  • Address:             8085 Byron Center Avenue
  • Office Hours:      Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Phone:               (616) 878-0660
  • Email:       
   After Hours Emergency Water and Sanitary Sewer Emergency:   
(616) 248-5024  

Byron Township is responsible for water lines up to the underground shut-off valve typically located near the property line of your home or business.  The remainder of the service line through your property and all internal plumbing is the responsiblity of the property owner with the exception of the water meter itself.  Our meter reader visits your property at least four times per year to read your water meter.  The Byron-Gaines Utility Authority staff respond to water emergencies and ensure that you have a properly installed, accurately functioning meter.  All of our employees carry a picture I.D.  Always ask anyone identifying himself or herself as a Byron-Gaines Utility Authority employee to see their I.D. before you let them into your home.  If you are suspicious about the person, please call us immediately at:
 616-878-0660 during business hours.

Do you know where your meter is?

Your water meter is typically located in the basement and is connected by a wire to an outside remote reading device.  The meter itself will have a brass casing with a register on it and one valve on each side.  If you don't know where it is, take a moment to locate it.  Should you have a broken pipe, you can turn the water off at these valves to stop the water flow and limit water damage.

It is important to protect the meter from damage.  The space where the meter is located must be heated to protect it from freezing.  If the meter is frozen or damaged, you will be charged for a replacement meter.  Please keep the area around your meter clear.  If you enclose it, be sure that there is adequate access for reading and service.  The remote device must remain accessible at all times for reading, inspection or repair.  We appreciate trimmed trees and shrubs around outside devices.  Be careful not to pile snow in front of them.

Leaks are costly

A leak as small as 1/8" can waste over one-quarter million gallons of water in a three-month period and add more than $1500 to your quarterly water and sewer charges.  Most meters have a leak detector on the register.  It is a small red triangle or sweeping hand that moves whenever water runs through the meter.  If you are not currently using any water, yet the leak detector is moving, you have a leak.

Toilets are the most common and costly culprits.  A toilet repair is often an inexpensive one that property owners can do themselves.  Even more costly repairs will pay for themselves in the reduction of water and sewer charges.  For more detailed information on the possible culprits for leaks follow this link:  Items to check when questioning high water usage. 

In some instances a leak may not be the cause of high usage.  Has there been an increase in the number of individuals using water?  Was it the summer season when you watered your lawn or filled your pool?  It's often easy to forget the water bill is reflective of the usage three months prior.  Still not sure?  Call Byron Township Water and Sewer Department at (616) 878-0660.  We are always happy to answer your water usage questions and/or do some comparisons.